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Stratford Stoves


Stratford - The industries leading boiler stove with models ranging from 25,000 to 82,000 BTU’s to water.

Complete home heating has never looked so good. The Stratford boiler stove is a true powerhouse at the heart of any central heating system. The Stratford has been designed specifically for its role as a boiler stove and stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Whether you burn wood or solid fuel, this stove has the features you need to keep both your home and your water warm. In fact, you can choose the heat you need through its thermostatic controls – so you will always step out of a cold winter's day into a warm home.

Each model within the Stratford boiler stove range has a unique anti-cold water corrosion system and increased steel thickness, giving you years of trouble-free heating. The largest boiler stove comfortably outputs 82,000 BTUs to hot water, which could heat up to 19 radiators.
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