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Multi Fuel Stoves

Blood Brothers have hand picked the best multi-fuel stoves available after years of experience within the industry because burning solid fuels such as coal and smokeless fuel tend burn at hotter temperatures for longer which means the stove must be able to handle the heat its exposed to. Multi-fuel stoves are capable of burning coal, smokeless fuels, peat & wood very efficiently, often with moveable grates for riddling and altering to allow the different fuels burn at their most efficient.

Our multi-fuel range offers both cast iron and steel bodied stoves, the choice of metal can depend on several variables when choosing the right stove for you and your lifestyle. (See FAQ’s)

With the price of gas and oil set to keep on rising there has never been a better time to invest in a stove, you will no longer have the frustration from the sky high gas bill you weren’t expecting! Owning a stove enables you to pre-buy your fuel and monitor how much you want to use to heat your home and/or hot water.

The amount of fuels available and locations to buy them continue to grow as the popularity of stoves sweeps the globe, check out your local fuel merchant, petrol station or garden centre and you will realise the ease in locating good fuel conveniently.

Our locally made wood envirofuel is available from our Ebay store.