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Heta Stoves

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Heta, a Danish company has years of experience in the manufacture of wood burning stoves for both large and small rooms. Woodburning stoves provide a comfortable type of heat and a good interior climate. They are practical, environment friendly, easy to clean and provide problem free combustion.

All Heta Scanline stoves are convection stoves with cast iron doors and bottom grates, making them particularly airtight and durable. Their airtight design ensures problem-free combustion control. Scanline stoves are DS tested and approved convection stoves.

The Heta Kosi and Komfort stoves are predominantly cast iron construction, making them particularly attractive, airtight and durable. The ash pan makes it easy to remove ash and cinders from the stoves and ensures that only a minimal amount of ash falls onto the floor. All stoves have been thoroughly and comprehensively tested to EN13240, CE marked and feature the latest “Clean Burn” combustion technology.

Clean Burn means that the combustion air supply is preheated. This, in turn, ensures environment-friendly combustion because the heat produced is used to greater effect. It also means that you can enjoy the sight of the flames through the glass insert in the door, as this remains clear at optimal burning rates.

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