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Boiler Stoves

Get more out of your stove by heating the rest of your home! Boiler Stoves are able to provide hot water as well as heating radiators throughout your house.

Boiler stoves are able to be linked in with existing central heating systems including gas, oil and solar, so you will not have to rely on your stove all year round for your heating and/or hot water.

We are also proud to offer a boiler stove which does’nt require water storage so can run alongside a combi-boiler resulting in no wasted hot water. Boilers can also be added to some stove brands after the stove has been in use.

The popularity in boiler stoves continues to rise due to rising costs of fuel, we have noticed the trend in villages that have no natural gas supply opting for multi-fuel boiler stoves over the gas or oil options as they are fully aware that this is the most cost effective and sustainable way of heating their home.