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Lining and Sweeping

Our company originally started out in the chimney lining business so we have an incredible amount of experience in this field and are able to advise the most suitable lining for the job.

By lining a chimney you will increase the efficiency of your stove. By burning the correct fuels you will prolong the life of your chosen liner and should get it swept once a year to maintain a clean flue.

The cast-concrete system is the most durable but doesn’t suit all property types, this method is mainly favoured by farms and estate property, as the property will stay in the family for generations and reduce the cost of maintenance for decades.

Stainless steel liners are the most popular form of chimney lining, they come in various steel grades and diameters, which are suitable for different fuels and are the easiest to fit in existing chimney flues.

Pumice and clay liners are popular methods for chimney lining for new buildings, they are a durable option to be built into a property and should last for decades providing they are looked after correctly.