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About Blood Brothers

A family owned and ran company with over 40 years’ experience in stoves, chimney lining and general building practice. Founded originally by Gareth & Howard Blood, who understood there was a gap in the market for a durable chimney lining service in and around the Peak District to cope with the demands of an area well known for burning a lot of coal.

Over the years, technology and machinery has evolved enabling various methods of chimney lining to be undertaken depending on variables such as property type, condition of the flue and fuel being burnt. (See lining section).

With Howards two sons being regularly involved in the business growing up by helping out on weekends and in the school holidays they were always looking at ways to improve and evolve the business. In 2009 with Tom finishing College at Buxton and Sam finishing University at Lincoln they opened their first shop in Matlock relying on word of mouth and the company reputation to gain a considerable market share very quickly.

By September 2010 our Newark shop was open which enabled the Blood Brothers to expand their quality product range and geographical footprint. Our company will continue to steadily grow with our eye for opportunity and enthusiasm for quality.

Our company values are simple;
Supply quality products and services at the most competitive prices… by price matching competitors and having superior knowledge and experience.

To provide honest advice and a trusted service... by recommending the most suitable products to meet you demands and relying on word of mouth as our main source of marketing.

Being environmentally friendly as possible… Wood burning is carbon neutral and sustainable. We recycle all our waste paper, cardboard, plastic and metal. Our fuels are sourced from Derbyshire, South Yorkshire & Nottinghamshire cutting down transportation pollution, and our stove range mainly consists of British built quality stoves, British made stove pipe and chimney liner as well as impressive modern designs from the Scandinavians countries.